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The Implication o ACTs

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  • The Implication o ACTs

    Hello all

    was wondering if everyone was aware of the implications of having an ACT (accredited checking technician) checking all the Rx and pharmacists making the clinical check??

    I find the situation best described as crazy, if the ACT sign off a mistake (ie wrong item/wrong instruction) you are definitely still held accountable even if you never saw the actual item!!!!

    Worse still if the ACT is not registered with the society they at will still be able to work even if you are stuck off!!

    Your views and comments welcome, better still tell us if you have had any experiences of using ACT to the full capacity


    It seems like up in the Northwest they comapnies have already started imposing ACT on locum pharmacist to do ONLY the clinical checks!!

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    Re: The Implication o ACTs


    You need to join the PDA

    Code of ethics: They CANNOT impose an ACT on you
    Its up to you to delegate to whom you deem fit as you are accountable and responsible for all pharmaceutical services executed from the premises....until that changes...NOBODY should impose.....I had a similar situation and sought advice from the PharmSoc and PDA.....its your neck on the line!
    Kemzo the pharmacist forumly known as kemzero