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MUR Training - Any recommendations?

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  • MUR Training - Any recommendations?

    Hi all!

    I've decided it's time to bite the bullet and get accredited for MURs. I've had a stab at the online training via CPPE but keep getting stuck on the procedures module. I've had many people recommend the Reading Uni version but, by the looks of it, it's only available to NPA members. Has anyone used any other decent versions?

    Cheers in advance.

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    Re: MUR Training - Any recommendations?

    Keeles' quite good-I've done that

    I've heard Medways'not too bad either
    Kemzo the pharmacist forumly known as kemzero


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      Re: MUR Training - Any recommendations?

      I attended a day course sponsored by Sigma in Watford and run by Medway. By the end of the day I was accredited.


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        Re: MUR Training - Any recommendations?

        The best bit about the CPPE one is that it's free.

        It is possible to pass, I've done it. Section 2 took may annoying attempts though.

        To quote a much earlier thread of mine:

        Finally Bl**y done it!

        Found a Moss training pack that helped me throught he dodgy questions on part 2.

        Anyone else having problems major stumbling blocks I had were:

        GP has to have given permission

        A bystander can sit in as long as patient gives consent.

        Patient doesn't have to have been on drugs for 8 weeks.

        Hope this helps others
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