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    Hi everyone, hope you're all well. I'm a recently qualified pharmacist and started locuming by using agencies to book my shifts, but now realised that I should have gone direct first as now their terms and condition prevents me from going direct to those pharmacies that they've introduced me to. The small print doesn't specify a time frame for how long this limit will be either. I just want to ask if anyone know typically how long the limit is or who was in a similar situation? Cheers.

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    You are a PDA member?
    Possibly have a word with the PDA about this for advice as they are good with contract issues.

    As an aside, "business is business" but pharmacy is a small world of people and word gets round if you have blown an agency for the next time you might need to use one.

    Personally, as a weekend locum it was word of mouth or dropping in a business card instead of an agency.
    Then it was a matter of the staff saying "we want this person back".
    Times have changed I guess.
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