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New Locum Obtaining a Smart Card - Moved from Scotland to England

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  • New Locum Obtaining a Smart Card - Moved from Scotland to England


    I have recently relocated from Scotland to England. I have no experience with English pharmacies, I have completed all necessary CPPE training and am now having issues obtaining a locum smart card. I emailed the RA 3+ weeks ago and phoned 2+ weeks ago and was given a reference number but they have been radio-silent since. My question is, how important is a smart card, and if anyone had any suggestions on how to obtain one? Any and all help is appreciated, if you have any experience with transitioning from Scotland to England that would also be helpful. Thanks for reading.

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    OK, someone will help. Are you a refugee from SNP?
    Welcome to England where Scots always do well.


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      you'll need the smartcard to access eps and SCR functionality. usually, when you get a job the employer will contact the RA to get you a smartcard and you'll need to id check documents. you can talk to the locum agency if you are signed up to one.


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        I have looked and followed the instructions on that psnc page but haven't had any luck. Wont have a job as I've gone back to uni so will strictly be locuming between class time.

        Unsure if that was supposed to be funny johnep


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          you can sign up for an agency like locatealocum or locumprime etc, call them and see they might be able to advise you better.Also look at telegram groups like the pharmacist co-cooperative you can find links to them on their website they have special groups for north of England and Scotland.


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            I'm on locate a locum and they advised me to do what I've already done unfortunately. Will have a look for those telegram groups however, thanks!