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  • Flu vaccine PGD

    Hi guys, hopefully the first of many posts here for me.

    Basically I was wondering as a locum, how you would get accredited for giving out flu vaccines?

    I've already attended a face to face vaccination course (ECG training provider however this wouldn't enable me to give out flu jabs? Am I correct in saying I need to obtain the relevant PGD for flu jabs?


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    Hi Ringo,

    Your employer should have a private PGD which you would need to read and sign (plus the superintendent may need to countersign it).

    As a locum there may be a different PGD at all the sites you work in so you'll always need to make sure you are working to the correct one.

    For the national service there will be a national PGD so you can read that in advance if you keep an eye on the PSNC website. (bear in mind there may be 2 PGD's for the 2 vaccines)

    It would be best practice to leave a signed copy of the PGD at the site you vaccinate in for their records and keep a signed copy for yourself.
    I remember when a blog was an individual boot.


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      There's a CPPE PGD learning module if you want to find out more.
      I remember when a blog was an individual boot.