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Problem getting money back for a shift

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  • Problem getting money back for a shift

    I wondered if any locums have experienced issues getting their money for shifts at chain pharmacies? A girl from the head office phoned me once and asked if I could do a shift the following day at a different branch to which I agreed. Now I was paid for all other shifts for that week in the company but that shift when she phoned me. I called today and she said she's looking into it but I have my doubts still. In fact, I emailed her 2 days after that shift asking her to put it onto my venloc shift list but she has not done so to date nor did I get paid. Anyone knows the best course of action? How do I prove I worked there?

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    Get on the phone and to talk to the person who arranged the shift and tell them there has been a misunderstanding
    If you signed on as RP then it should be either on the system or on in the paper record.
    That should take one phone call from the shift arranger to confirm this.

    You will also have 'events' recorded against your smartcard.

    If they ever ring you to do extra or make a change then you should take steps to have it verified in writing/email.

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      When working locum at the shoe. did not get paid for three months. Shop manager had to make a claim and forgot, then on holiday, then mislaid paperwork. Had to make a visit and stand over her while she filled in the required form. I always stuck a date label in my diary to prove I had been there. Needless to say, I did not do any more shifts for the shoe.