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  • Great Working Opportunity - Call for Applications

    We are a progressive community pharmacy located on the island of Gozo (Malta). We are presently seeking an enthusiastic, experienced, self-motivated pharmacist (preferably female) to join a dynamic team in our busy pharmacy for a short term position, namely from October to December 2018 (both months inclusive).

    Applicants can be local or from any EU country as long as they have a masterful command of English.

    Reporting to the Pharmacist in Charge, your primary role will be to help fulfil orders and provide exceptional service and advice to our customers.

    The successful applicant must be a qualified pharmacist with a background in community pharmacy, exceptional product knowledge and a flexible working style. You must also be outgoing and team oriented.

    Day-to-day responsibilities will include:

    Dispensing medications in an accurate and timely manner
    Working with other team members to deliver excellent
    customer service
    Assisting the Pharmacist in Charge
    Delivering health promotion programs as required
    Ensuring that all pharmacy operations are conducted in
    accordance with pharmacy policies and procedures, legal
    requirements and Quality Care Pharmacy Standards
    Achieving specified performance and business objectives

    You will bring to the role:

    Tertiary qualifications in pharmacy
    Thorough knowledge of OTC and prescription medications (including green forms and dangerous drugs)
    Experience in compounding extemporaneous products
    Comprehensive knowledge of working with POS systems
    Proficiency with Microsoft Word and Excel
    A great sense of humour and a love of teamwork

    The suitable applicant must be registered with The Pharmacy Board of their respective EU country, have a current driver’s licence and may be subject to a Police Clearance Certificate.

    Remuneration will depend on experience, and is subject to a period of probation.

    If you have the skillset described above, and are ready to take on a new and exciting challenge in a pharmacy on the most beautiful island in the world, then please email your application to:

    All necessary training to help you settle in and become proficient will be will be provided.

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    Don't get hurt in the rush! I have been to Gozo and Malta several times when in export. I would be qualified for this role if 50 years younger. Except I fail in one important qualification...........not female!


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      Is this legal to specify you’d prefer a female?
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        Not in UK,probably OK in Malta. EU never takes any notice of the rules anyway, only when it suits them.


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          Notice you need a driving licence...
          What side of the road do they drive on in Malta?
          My experience is ... whichever side is in the shade.
          (It was a joke - don't take that seriously)

          PS : My first name sounds female - so could apply?
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          How times change.

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            Originally posted by admin View Post
            Is this t legal to specify you’d prefer a female?
            No. Maybe its a mail order bride they want.


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              I drove in Malta when working in Export. Left hand side as in UK I remember.


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                Many years ago I visited Malta as part of a pharmaceutical group. IIRC the majority of pharmacists we met were female. Probably means the workplace is at present exclusively female.

                And yes, I recall the joke about dri=ving in the shade, but as Johnep says, on the left.