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  • First time locum advice

    Hi, I recently qualified after my pre-reg and I'm about to commence my first shifts with an independent chain of pharmacies for 4 months.
    I've got my accreditations and insurance sorted, I was wondering what to do with regards to payment. This will be my first job since my pre-reg year.

    1. I've been told I need to declare myself to be self-employed to the HMRC. Others have told me to set myself up as a ltd company. Others have told me to get an accountant.
    I'm just confused by it all. Can someone advise me what steps I actually need to do and how to do it?

    2. I've already paid for my DBS, insurance and currently paying for RPS and membership fees. I've been told I can declare this so I get re-imbursed?This would also apply for mileage, laptop use and so on?

    3. The pharmacy I'll be working at expect me to do MURs and NMS alongside my hourly rate. An agency provided me with an invoice template to give the pharmacy in order to get paid. What sort of rate should I be charging additionally for MURs, as a newly qualified locum?

    Apologies for the many questions but these will be my first shifts as a pharmacist and I just want things to go smoothly.
    Appreciate the help.
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    You have to inform HMRC within 3 months of starting as self employed. Remember you must pay NHI insurance and put away 25% appprox for tax. (I used to buy premium bonds) Consult the net re self employment start ups. My accountant advised to start my year in May which gave me nearly an extra year before I actually had to pay tax. Search the forum using the search box.


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      The best thing to do would be to hire an accountant. Hopefully, the accountant should be able to guide you through the maze of self-employed accounting. With regards to additional remuneration for MUR/NMS? In most places they expect you to do them within your normal booking without any additional payment, for example, Tesco deducts your hourly payment if you fail to do an MUR.

      Hope this helps!


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        Not sure how much you could claim if you secure a prescription for an ointment costing £2.00 which is charged at £1500.00 to NHS. Has any locum ever claimed extraordinary profits extracted from our health service?


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          Membership fees, laptops, mileage are not reimbursed they are though tax deductible.


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            While in industry, the company paid my fees.Only had to pay myself when started as a locum. Tax deductible of course.