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Claiming tax reimbursment for mileage? (not technically a locum, but a relief)

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  • Claiming tax reimbursment for mileage? (not technically a locum, but a relief)

    Hi there,

    I currently work as a relief pharmacist for a big company and get the standard 45p/mile. This works out to quite a big chunk of money over the year. I am in different stores all the time.

    Now I am looking to work for a new company soon and will also be a relief but I will have 3-4 set stores for the same days of the week, they are not offering mileage. I can't understand why they wouldn't offer it as they aren't paying for it anyway, HRMC reimburses it. If they aren't going to offer it to me, can I put in for the tax relief myself? It might involve some accounting and whatnot but I think it would be worth it if I can still get that 45p/mile.

    Anyone know much about this subject?


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    I used to relief for a large multiple who paid 34p per mile and I claimed the extra 11p from HMRC so I paid less tax. They paid the 34p and not the HMRC. Sounds like you could claim the 45p from HMRC in your new position but just means you will pay less tax.


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      I looked into it further and it seems that I can claim it myself but it would only be 20% of 45p/mile as that is my tax bracket so it wouldn't be a huge amount to claim back, and probably a lot of extra paperwork/tax forms for the pleasure. Might not be worth it, but I'll have a think about it,


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          Only self employed can claim tax relief on mileage. Employed can't.