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  • Relief Pharmacist Theory

    I'm a Recruiter from Canada. I work in a company that places FT and Locum Pharmacists throughout the country. Since my first post on this subject there have been several different perspectives on the matter. All have valid points. I continue to be astounded at the amount of relief work we as a company are filling in all areas.
    The usual suspects always need assistance. It seems that several factors are coming into play such as mat leaves, sick leaves, terminations, and others.
    The numbers that we're filling right now are staggering. This is attributed to the fact that we're doing a good job in finding candidates for the available positions as well as an increase in new business in areas across the country.
    If you were thinking that things were slowing down then you'd better think again. We now just have 2 seasons ................. "Busier and Busiest". 8)

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    I tried to join your website...

    Dear Paul 25,
    I tried to join your website but there was a permanant problem.
    by the way, can yu tell me more about what is "thelocum"?
    Thank you indeed.


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      Hello Pari

      Hopefully you can make another attempt to check it out. A locum pharmacist is one who works in several locations either on a daily basis to cover sick days, staff shortages, maternity leaves or other circumstances.
      In Canada and North America in general there's a great shortaage of pharmacists here. There are plenty of opportunities either in Community (Retail) or Hospital. In my opinion this demand will increase with time and continue throughout my lifetime which I hope will be for another 50 - 60 years.