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nottingham interview ova -thank God!!

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  • nottingham interview ova -thank God!!

    hey guys
    just got bk 4rm my nottingham interview and it wasnt too bad!
    i was asked:

    why pharmacy?
    why nottingham?
    do i like chemistry?
    what part of chemistry do i like?
    draw an amino acid
    draw a ketone
    what is the difference between branded and generic drug?(i got it the other way round)
    infrared spectroscopy
    and finally nuclear magnetic resonance!,( i dint get this right)

    and that was it, on the whole, it wsnt too bad so i shall wait nd see!

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    Sounds like you did ok - when do you get to hear if you've got in?
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      well done on surviving the interview!
      ive got mine on 27th march...not looking forward to it....
      btw it was a 1 on 1 interview wasnt it?


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        most people hear within a week so am hopin the same for me! i really liked it, if i get in, i might go!

        erm yeh it was a one to one interview but it was in a massive computer room and there interviews goin on on the different corners and cubicles so basically, its like a massive room with loads of interviews and interviewees! a bit scary. some people were asked to do some maths!! oh dear!

        dnt worry bout it shaani, u'll be fine


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          cheers nenah. its one of those things in which i'l be stressin now but when the time comes il be more relaxed.

          im just worried that i wont be able to answer any of their science type questions and end up looking like a dope! lol


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            hey guys, guess wut!!!??! i got an offer from nottingham!!


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              hey well done!! What other unis have u got offers from?


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                got offers from aston, nottingham, bath nd brighton!! got rejected 4rm lsop but still waitin on kings!

                but i actually dnt kno which uni 2 go to!! so n e advice wud b gud on all the ones i got offers 4rm!!


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                  wow good mix there. Have you been to look around them all yet? I must admit I only applied to Brighton so am completely biased but i love it here lol. To be honest I recommend you go where you feel is 'right' for you, you will be spending the next four or five years there. If u got any questions about pharmacy at uni or uni life id be more than happy to try and help.


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                    which pharmacy school

                    I only applied to LSOP and that is where I studied. Suited me as I was able to commute from home.

                    I had never thought about all the 'extra curricular' activities. At that time we did not have a bar or common room at Brunswick Square.

                    Only later on did I realise the rule was that girls tried to get as far away from home as possible while quite a few of the guys, like me, commuted from the suburbs.

                    We were well green and naive in those relatively innocent pre 60s days.

                    Wish I had been 10 years younger!

                    Gap years were non existent for the ordinary kids from Grammar schools.

                    We had no money and National Service provided the main escape from strictures of home.

                    Oh dear I am getting old.



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                      congrats on getting the offer!!
                      you know, that is a good variety of uni's there. i agree with mm45 that you should choose the uni that seems right for you. i see your from leeds and if you like the city lifestyle then perhaps aston would be a uni to think about.


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                        i've looked round bath and nottingham nd i really liked nottingham! goin 2 look round aston in feb!! but am not so sure i want 2 go to a busy area cuz so much distraction its unbelievable, dats y nottingham cuz the uni has a gud study environment(as it is slightly away 4rm town) nd i can go into the busy town wen i choose to rather than town being around me 24/7!!

                        for you guys who schooled in london or bustlin areas, didnt u find there were so many distractions and u hardly worked??!!


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                          I have to say Aston is fantastic (but obviously biased). Yes the campus is close to the city centre, but when you are on campus you could be 20 miles away.

                          The best thing is to visit all the unis and have a look around the city as well. Then think how you'd feel about spending the next four years there.


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                            I agree with Steve (although I'm biased too). Aston is very close to the city centre but when you see the campus, you'll realise that you could easily forget you're in a big city. It's a nice, green self contained campus. You also have the advantage of being in a big city with lots to do without the excessive living costs of London.


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                              u guyz r all obviously for aston ryt?!!! but what about nottingham?? i've heard that its a really rough city to live in as in shootings, gangs etc. i liked the uni campus.
                              Bath was really pretty but a bit too on the queit side! and its so far away when i had the interview, i had to fly from leeds to bristol nd then got a taxi 4rm bristol to bath!