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  • my answer!

    hey guys

    one of the questions i would get asked is why pharmacy? and if asked on the spot, i would probably say that , i have always been interested in healthcare and sciences thus resulting in my choice of Alevels(which i enjoy) and career. and also that i like people! so getting to know people and their well being is a bonus.

    is that a good enough answer? but what if i get asked why not medicine o r nursing or something else in the health profession? would simply saying that it did not appeal to me be enough?

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    as you may have already gathered from my previous posts, I have no idea what made me choose to study Pharmacy. I don't regret it one bit. I do however know why I prefer Pharmacy to Medicine, even though my reasons might get a few patients slightly worried: I'm fascinated by the "Witchcraft"-side of Pharmacy! I find it fascinating that a tiny pellet of white powder can have such a potent effect, and formulation was one of my favourite subjects in Uni...
    You see, when a doctor or a surgeon sorts out a broken bone or a duff heart valve, it's just like a mechanic sorting out a car engine, no mystery, just fixing a dodgy pump and a few stitches here and there; no-one has ever been cured by a green piece of paper with a Dr's scribble on it! but come in to a Pharmacy and get the appropriate medicine, and within minutes sometimes of swallowing a tiny pill, you could feel 300% better- how magical is that!?!
    Ze genuine Article, present & perfect!