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    will some one plse list which drugs are available as OTC because am not quite sure!!!

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    Originally posted by nenah View Post
    will some one plse list which drugs are available as OTC because am not quite sure!!!
    The list is too long,

    allows you to search a live database of drugs and see how each medicine is classified
    POM - Prescription Only Medicine
    P - medicine that can be sold from a Pharmacy
    GSL - General Sales List (medicne that can be sold by anyone)

    other than get get hold of an old C&D book that lists most of the medicines and their legal classification.



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      thnx but one more thing, what are controlled drugs. when i shadowed my local pharmacist, he had to fill out requsition form for each controlled drugs, why is that??


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        Originally posted by Jeff View Post
        The list is too long,


        are analgesics OTC?, isnt the number a pharmacist can give without prescription 16 or is it 32?


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          To reply to both your questions:

          1. When we refer to controlled drugs we usually mean drugs listed in schedules 2 and 3 of the misue of drugs regulations.

          Sched 2 e.g. Diamorphine has to be locked in the CD cabinet, has to be
          logged into and out of the CD register etc.

          Sched 3 e.g. Temazepam are less restricted with no need for the register but are still tightly regulated and most are kept in the cupboard. Temazepam is a special case because you cannot they restricted the possibility of emergency supplies about 12 months ago

          Schedule 4 e.g. Diazepam were not referred to as CDs at all by most people until the new drug regulations came in in July after the Shipman inquiry.

          2. Analgesics are mostly OTC although some are POM.

          Aspirin and Paracetamol are the ones you're thinking of with the pack sizes.
          16 packs are GSL
          32 packs are P meds
          and we can sell up to 100 if we feel it's necessary. (Simple sign of how stupid the legislation is: We can sell 100 with only pack sizes of 16 and 32 available!)

          Oh yeah, it's only Aspirin and paracetamol that are legislated for in this way, the Govt doesn't care if you want to top yourself with Ibuprofen or even Ferrous Sulphate because that doesn't make the news!

          The other thing is that 16 packs are GSL so they are sold from garages and corner shops etc. >:-<
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            as far as drug storage is concerned, are drugs stored according to what schedule they r in? or is it whether they are a controlled drug or not?!!


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              otc, script meds and CDs

              Remember regs vary from country to country. In USA you can buy 500 paracetamol no probs. (Presumably increases liver transplants thus good for business). In UK where the state has to pay for liver transplants then quantities restricted.

              What you need is an old (not too old) of monthly Chemist and Druggist price list. If you visit their site I am sure that if you ask nicely they will send you a back copy. Probably want you to take out a subscription to C&D too which could be good idea for a group of you.

              If you live in an 'undeveloped' country, then copies of the British National Formulary etc are collected here and sent out abroad to overseas schools of pharmacy etc.

              Sure someone on this list has details.