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Students - please read

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  • Students - please read

    To all students on a pharmacy degree course or applying for one, training for dispensing qualifications, on an OSPAP course, or any other pharmacy related work.

    Please search through ALL threads in the Student Section before you post a calculation question, clinical question, anything to do with summer placements or pre-reg applications and advice on UCAS applications to avoid pissing off the mods and other members on this forum.

    Not only will you probably quickly find your answer, but it saves everyone giving you stick for being a lazy arse who couldn't be bothered to do a search.

    Questions are always welcome so long as they are not repeated and we know you've done some work.

    (To the mods - I think this thread should be stickied)

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    Re: Students - please read

    I agree, very annoying to be asked the same question week after week.


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      Re: Students - please read

      Fully agree Nik....

      This thread is now stickied, as you suggested. Would all future posters please pay particular attention to the original post in this thread. thankyou all.

      This thread is now also closed.

      Fleegle (moderator).
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