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  • Pharmacy Students 06!

    Hey all

    I just wanted to post and see how many 1st year pharmacy students there are here. Or any year pharmacy students?!?

    Hows your course going?
    Any problems and we can try and solve them together.

    I hope there will be a lot of people here, as im sure i'll need your help in the future.
    Pharmacy Student - therfore always busy!

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    hey im a 2nd year at Brighton. The course is ok although its starting to get harder now, first year is pretty simple to be honest. Brighton is such a great city im so glad im here having lots of uni fun...

    Where are you and how are you getting on?


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      im a fresher at Uni of Reading and all in all loving it

      although today i realised that i cant breeze through it, starting to pick up, unlike last week.

      so wot modules u doin in 2nd year?
      Pharmacy Student - therfore always busy!


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        Last year most of the course was revision of ALevel bio and chem with respiratory pharmacy. This year we are doing modules in endocrinology, microbiology (including anitbiotics) and medicine manufactor (boring....). So what made you wana study pharmacy?

        Whats reading like then? Ive got a friend there actually i think...


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          O really doing pharmacy?
          PM and i'l see if i know him/her

          We doing microbiology (snore), Organic Chem, Cell BIo, HUman Physiology,Pharmacy Practice, Physical Chem

          Some are overlap of A level, but when you learn somthing new 1st lecture it starts making you think of all the stuff u dont know as a fresher.

          answer: LOADS!
          Pharmacy Student - therfore always busy!


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            Hi am a first year at UEA, am really enjoying although its very hard