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Help with explaining the use of national prescribing conventions

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  • Help with explaining the use of national prescribing conventions

    Could someone help me explain the use of national prescribing conventions - explain why prescribing conventions are used or link to calculating doses and quantities? Not sure how to add this into an activity log (Nvq level 3 course - unit 7 3.4)

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    You could start by doing a search on the forum for previous answers to this question. And you could try looking in the post below yours which is also asking the same question as you are.


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      already tried that, didn't get v.far :-*(


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        some help would be appreciated


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            A specific form for private CD prescriptions, Controlled Drug classifications specific to this country alongside varying requirements for prescription writing (words and figures) and storage requirements.

            Also prescribing "under the cascade" for human medicines in veterinary use.

            If this is the wrong take then look at the NICE guidelines. The whole point of the guidelines is to define the most cost-effective, clinically appropriate treatment regimens.
            I remember when a blog was an individual boot.


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              I have just submitted my evidence for this's not been marked yet so i'm not sure i went the right way...
              I wrote about the quantity being needed in words and figures, and also that the directions cannot be vague (e.g. as directed)
              Hope this helps!


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                thank you! I think the issue with this course is, you tend to overthink things.. well I do anyway.

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              Haha becketybop....I think i've spent the last two years overthinking things...
              Finally the finish line is in sight for me though!!