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  • ACT online assessment with CPPE

    Hi everyone

    I’m doing ACT course with CPPE and just took my second exam last week. Unfortunately, I failed for the second time and will now do a resit in 6 months which cost £200 and will allow me to do one final attempt. There are two parts to the test - online and practical. I have no problem with in-house practical test and passed both times but I found the online format every difficult to navigate as I have to check from photos.

    I have 30 minutes to check 10 items. With each item I have to expand each photo to see all the details on the label, close it and scroll down to look at the prescription at the bottom. I cannot compare label against prescription like I normally do when I check. With each item I end up clicking, closing, going back and forth to the prescription many times and I found this format every distracting and I’m really struggling. I raised my concern to the CPPE and they don’t think it’s a problem as they think everything will be moving towards electronic form of some sorts now i should try to get used to it. Personally I don’t agree as you’ll never ever have to check from photos in reality. You will always have a product in your hand.

    I want to know if anyone has taken the test and have the same problem as me. From what I know the online assessment is rather new. I’m super stress now, my work is very understanding and they agree to pay for me as they really want me to become an ACT. I’ve done so much work to get to this point and I don’t want everything to go down the drain. Any suggestions or checking techniques will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    Are you allowed to use a pen and paper? Write down the key points from the prescription, drug, strength, quantity and dose and then check them off against the photo. I agree it would be more difficult without the product in your hands.


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      That is a good tip actually, I never really thought of doing that. Thank you very much I’m sure that will help!


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        Use your phone to photograph the script and then you can check with both open in front of you.


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          I’m not allowed to bring my phone in unfortunately