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  • Module 17

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could help. Never posted on here before but I’m onto module 17 about truss fittings and I’m stuck. It mentions about health and safety of me and the patient. Does this mean health and safety in general? Also it says to explain and other issues you would need to consider when preparing to offer a truss fitting service. Never heard of this before until this module and I’ve spent two weeks on such possibly simple questions. Can anyone help me please? Thank you.

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    I was the only male on the team and only worked Saturdays. Arrived to find couple of elderly gentlemen awaiting my supposed expertise in measuring for a truss.
    I had absolutely no idea but one of the girls said waist measurement and from pubis to waist. I did my best while the gentlemen dropped their trousers in the consulting room.
    No comeback so must have been satisfactory.
    After that I looked on the net. I would suggest Google and Utube will have the answers you need. If a child patient, must have a chaperone and also if patient of opposite sex.
    Have fun!