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Is it really possible to buy Oxycodone without a prescription online?

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  • Is it really possible to buy Oxycodone without a prescription online?

    I ask the question in several forums and several sites:But my concern is whether it is really possible to buy these kinds of product.
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    No it’s a highly addictive drug and should never be bought online.
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      It might be possible but it would be dangerous and illegal. You would have no idea if the products you would get were genuine or not but they are very likely to be counterfeit.
      If you need medical treatment see a doctor.


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        Not sure if this is a phishing question.
        You can probably find someone, somewhere who will supply it to you.
        They will be more concerned about making money from you than the consequences to your health and well-being.
        Have a look on the internet for "oxycodone ruined my life".

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          Looks like we are becoming known in USA and being thought as a source of supply. Could we put a block on member applications from USA?


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            It’s not possible to actually ban a country. I do check all IP addresses and delete ones from the USA as they are usually spammers. Have I missed one?

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          OK. Thanks Elaine.


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            Clearly a phishing thread to me. But yeah it's pretty easy to buy any drugs online now with forms of payment like bitcoin, from darknet websites. Law enforcement have become pretty powerless to prosecute buyers because they can't prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the recipient actually bought it. Usually takes the forms of ebay type websites where sellers receive feedback from buyers, I have even seen sellers claiming to be selling fairtrade cocaine!


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              Well at least better than leaving it to the likes of Escobar etc!