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  • production formula help

    Does anyone know the production formula of

    1) 200ml codeine linctus 5mg/5ml

    2) 300g aqueous cream with menthol 2.5%

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    Do you mean production in a factory? We used to make the linctus in 1,000 litre and creams in 1,000 kg batches.
    If not, have you searched Google and Utube?.
    When we dispersed menthol in aqueous cream we would first dissolve the menthol in small amount of IMS.


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      Thanks Johnep. But I need formula, like if 1000 litre of codeine linctus we have to prepare then how many grams of codeine and how much mls of syrup and other ingredients and their quantities.
      I asked some of my friends to find out in british pharmacopeia but they could not.


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        OK. If you visit the gov website, manufacturer listed is Pinewood Labs in Ireland.
        When in export, I used to visit this company. (some 40 years ago). The chap was making liquid products in a plastic dustbin , stirring with a broom stick. There used to be a fixed formulation in the BNF but with the advent of dye stuffs and sugar not becoming popular, official sources just gave the amount of active ingredient.
        So, you could use anything you like. In Pinewoods case they use sorbitol and methyl cellulose to give a syrupy mouth feel. Colours are all as used in food. I could formulate one easily, but I would use Xylitol and combination of red and yellow food colours. Why not buy the ingredients (minus the codeine) from your local supermarket and experiment. Xylitol a bit expensive so you could use Xanthan gum which you will find on the gluten free shelves or sugar if you wish.
        Just check with your tutor whether exercise is set as a practical or theoretical exercise.
        myself, I think this has been set to test your ability to find out information for your self. google and Utube should be where you look first. In the old days I would simply go to the library and look up old BPs, BNFs etc.
        You must not expect to be spoon fed.


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          Thanks Johnep,
          I found all ingredients required to poduce codeine linctus and aqueous cream with menthol. The only thing I could not find is their amounts to produce the required quantity.


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            Somewhere there will be a formula in an old BP or BNF. I will have a look on the net. Should be copies in your library.
            Other wise determine a formula (minus the codeine) by experiment. I use food colours in making fruit flavoured jellies from gelatin. Usually just a few drops to 500 ml. In the old days, formula often said qs shorthand latin " for a sufficient quantity"
            The codeine calculation should be the simplest part.