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  • Calculation question help

    Bobby, a 5 year old boy, weighs 18kg and is prescribed 80mg/kg every 6 hours for a severe infection for 5 days. How many vials of the Timentin injection would you need to supply to the unit for Bobby's course of treatment?
    I worked out each dose as 1440mg and the total dose as 28800mg
    Timentin comes in 3.2g vials so I did 28.8/3.2= 9 vials
    The answer is 20 vials but I'm not sure why

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    If the answer that you have been given is 20 vials then the obvious answer is that you must not reuse vials. In this case you have four doses per day for five days which gives you twenty doses/twenty vials.


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      Ok thank you, I get it now.