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Feedback for my pharmacy revision/learning android app

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  • Feedback for my pharmacy revision/learning android app

    Hi, I'm a UK community pharmacist and made this android app in my spare time to help students mainly. Would appreciate any constructive criticism/feedback. I am a beginner coder and not great with design but i think the functionality is good. Hope it is OK to post here. Thanks

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    It's quite nice. Love the speed.

    The questions seem a bit more technical than other pharmacy apps I've used. You don't get many lives lol. I think the watch three videos might annoy people, on other apps 1 is standard. That said I watched one video and it didn't load a 2nd and 3rd and seemed to work fine again.


    • kFIM307
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      Thank you for trying it out, appreciated. It is currently set to watch one video to gain 3 lives but I may have been have been a bit harsh with how many lives you get. I will increase this in the next update and look into broadening the level of questions and loading issues too.

    • mcitr
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      Ah three lives from one video, well that's all right. One other app I use if you watch a video you get something, and after you've watched it it gives you a second chance to watch another video and get something else. That has seemed to me like quite a good way of getting people to watch videos.

      Good variety of questions,

      Probably not what you are aiming for, but there's also a whole market for support staff. Once this thing is up and running I'm sure it's very easy to introduce a second lot of quizes for counter/dispensary.

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    It's quite good!


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      Is it for pharmacy students only? I'm doing my tech training, would it benefit me?
      Also what is it called so I can find it in the app store, I only visit here from my laptop!