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Feeling stupid...basic calculation?

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  • Feeling stupid...basic calculation?

    We have a girl training to be an Assistant Dispenser completing the NPA 4x modules to achieve this...however we have come across a question in the Module 2 workbook that must be sooooo simple - but am definitely missing something, the question is written wrong or am I just too brain damaged from being in Pharmacy for 17 years or so......and just don't see it...?

    Calculate the quantity of each ingredient required to dispense the following prescription:

    Chloral hydrate 200mg
    Blackcurrant syrup 1mL
    Water 0.1mL
    Syrup to 5mL

    Mitte 300mL

    Now am assuming the Chloral hydrate is powder weighing 200mg

    Usually amount of water / syrup that is required is used to make up the volume to 300mL - but this question has given an exact quantity of each to use...


    Question written correctly?

    Any help - much appreciated...


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    Here's a hint.
    The recipe is for 5ml.
    Scale it up to make 300ml
    (What is 300ml divided by 5ml and multiply each of the quantities by that number).

    Check your calc by working out the strength of chloral hydrate in 5ml.

    You might also need to describe which order you will add the ingredients together.
    Hint for this : you will need to make sure that the chloral hydrate has dissolved properly.
    Will you be able to see this if you add the blackcurrant syrup?

    Have fun!
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      OMG! Of course! Thanks Pharmanaut see it now.... Cheers!