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Module 10 Re-sit paper question which I'm puzzled about.

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  • Module 10 Re-sit paper question which I'm puzzled about.

    Hi, I'm currently doing the module 10 re-sit paper. There's one question I'm abit confused about. I thought I had gotten it correct but my pharmacist doesn't think its correct, I just need a bit of help if possible?

    Mrs Myers also hands in a script for the following item for her daugher.

    Tranexamic acid tabs 500mg x 60 - 2,tds when period has started max 4 days.

    4a. Which condition do you think this drug is being used to treat?

    I think its for the condition called Dysmenorrhea - pharmacist thinks its for menorrhagia as Tranexamic acid is for excessive bleeding..

    4b.Describe the different types of this condition and which one you think miss myers has, bearing in mind she is 15.

    So there is two types of Dysmenorrhoea, primary and seconardy. Pharmacist says theres two types of menorrhagia???

    Due to her age, I'd say this isn't the case as my module book says - around 1 - 20 women aged between 30 - 49 years present to their GP each year with menorrhagia....

    help please lo.

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    Her daughter is 15 years old btw


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      Mennorhagia is correct. Very distressing for the pt. If does not clear up. an appt with local gynae clinic. Iron status should also be checked.


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        Ok thank you, but is there two types of Mennorhagia?


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          That you will have to get Google to find out.


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            There are many types of menstrual disorders, including:
            • Abnormal uterine bleeding. Excessive or prolonged menstrual bleeding.
            • Amenorrhea. The absence of menstrual bleeding.
            • Oligomenorrhea. Light or infrequent menstruation.
            • Fibroids. ...
            • Premenstrual syndrome (PMS). ...
            • Premenstrual dysphonic disorder (PMDD).

            So I could use two examples of one of these?


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              I'd use examples like these the 'different types' could be the different causes, fibroids, polyps, hormone imbalance etc. For a 15 year old girl probably hormones, unlikely to be miscarriage or cancer but not impossible.


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                Also check your bnf for that dose, it may give you an indication