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2009 Pre Reg Exams. Any Tips?

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  • 2009 Pre Reg Exams. Any Tips?

    Hi All,

    I am looking to take this years September pre reg exams having been away from Pharmacy for around 8 years and wanted to ask for general tips.

    What key things have changed in the last 8 years that I should be aware of and what tips would you give to someone who is likely to be rusty with Pharmacy in general. (I have already graduated and completed a pre reg year but did not take the exam first time round. I now want to take the exam but given the time frame since my first pre reg experience I now have to do another 6 months pre reg type work experience before taking the exam this year).

    Is it still a case of learning the BNF, MEP and Drug Tariff inside out? Are there any other literature I need to revise?

    Can someone please confirm which version of the BNF, MEP guide and drug tariff this years exams will be based on.

    Apart from the sample papers on the RSPGB website are there any more available?


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    Re: 2009 Pre Reg Exams. Any Tips?

    BNF 55
    MEP 32 July 2008
    Drug Tariff: April I think but dont quote me on it. It'll be in the pre-reg folder somewhere.

    Use Blenkinsopp's Symptom's in the Pharmacy for your minor ailments. I'm in final year and have to learn NICE guidelines for all the major condition's for my medicines management module. I don't know how relevent it will be to the exam when I sit it in June but I guess it doesn't hurt to know.
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