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Pharmacist hasnt joined the NPA

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  • Pharmacist hasnt joined the NPA

    I worked for sainsburys pharmacy and with sainsburys I started my NVQ 2 through the NPA, Work got to much and I was able to find another position with an independent pharmacy with better hours etc. I was half way through my course and I was able to get the course transferred to my new work place, however my stumbling block is that in order to get an expert witness I need my pharmacist/ owner to join the NPA so he can get a membership number and in turn I can apply for him to be an expert witness etc. I have been there 6 months and he still hasn't joined, wont give me an answer when I question him on it and of course without an expert witness on board I can only do so much.
    Does anyone know how much the membership costs and how long the application process takes, getting worried now as I feel I am getting behind.


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    "Membership starts from £1,221.60 per pharmacy (including VAT and IPT)." Assuming the form is filled in correctly I'd imagine the process is pretty quick.

    Good luck!