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  • Nvq 3 Module 9 gastro intestinal system


    Firat time poster.

    i was wondering if anyone would be able to give me a helping hand with a question please as I am a little confused.

    I have a question which is asking me: Ranitidine interacts with warfarin; describe this type of drug interaction.

    so I have looked in the BNF and checked the appendix 1 but can not find a interaction. Am I missing something here? I put it in on the PMR but still no interaction has come up.

    Would somebody be able to guide me on the right lines please as I feel I'm missing something.

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    Warfarin interacts with many meds. You may have a copy of Stockley in the pharmacy. That will give you an answer.


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      Hi Devine
      martindale states there is one study that shows a reduction in the clearance of warfarin with ranitidine, therefore, increased levels in the blood, so that is a pharmacokinetic interaction
      this is the reference
      Baciewicz AM, Morgan PJ. Ranitidine-warfarin interaction. Ann Intern Med 1990; 112: 76–7. PubMed


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        Thank you both for your reply, unfortunately we do not have a stockleys book, i think you are correct with the pharmacokinetics thank you so much for your help.


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          I don't have a Stockley's to hand but it isn't showing up on the interaction checker so I imagine the impact isn't clinically significant , which would be unusual for warfarin. Given all the clinically important warfarin interactions it is a strange choice to ask a question about.


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            AS I have said several times. the NPA training not really fit for purpose. Buttercups vastly superior.


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              Thank you again for taking the time to reply, I am going to write that there are no interactions as referenced but if cimetidine was then this would cause a interaction. But in a bit more detail. Unfortunately we don't have a choice of the buttercups or npa. But I do understand what you mean. There seems to be a lot more support with the buttercups.


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                Totally agree about Buttercups. I find them very supportive. Pity you didn't have the option to study with them.