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  • Please help: Pharmacy

    I’ve just started pharmacy at Kings College (I’m a first year student). A 2nd year student told me the following:

    1) Pharmacy is more difficult than medicine (apparently medicine is such a sweet course compared to pharmacy) which scares me because I’ve heard the medicine degree is soooooooooooo hard and that med students have no social life and are constantly tired and are stressed always etc
    2) There are four modules in our first year and roughly 80% will fail 1/more modules and have to repeat them in the summer (thats what happened in her year)

    Basically is it possible for me to get a 1st/2nd class degree and still have some free time and a social life – will I survive past the first year

    Help please - would pharmacy students (preferably from Kings but don't mind from anywhere else) please reply.


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    Re: Please help: Pharmacy

    Hey samantha I'm starting the third year of pharmacy in a few weeks (at Aston, not King's).

    Don't worry too much about what the 2nd year student told you, pharmacy is a great degree to study for.

    I'm not too sure about subject curriculum in King's but I suspect that for most first year's the leap into pharmacy is not huge; you'd probably be going over a lot of A-level stuff and probably get stuck into some pharmacy practice.

    Whatever degree you do it's going to be hard and the important thing is to work hard for it. You'll enjoy it and if you work hard you'll get what you want !

    All uni's have scare stories about resits and exam failures - focus on exams when the time comes ! Now's the time to enjoy! - remember all work and no play...
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      Re: Please help: Pharmacy

      I can't speak for medicine/pharmacy at King's but I know from speaking to a friend who did medicine at Liverpool that he found his course to be less intensive than he imagined in 1st year only to get far tougher later on.

      In comparison, my experience of pharmacy is the opposite – first year pharmacy was quite intense compared to most other courses, but this puts you in good stead for the years after. A few people did fail, I had to do a resit but it is certainly possible to get through it whilst still having a life outside lectures.

      To sum it up :
      You’ll probably have more work on and as such a bit less free time than people on other ‘less taxing’ courses but not drastically so provided you’re sensible and don’t go too mad.


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        Re: Please help: Pharmacy

        Hmmmm, i replied to this on the student room forums... same person.

        Hope my answer there and help you and settle some fears
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