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pre-reg interview at Barts

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  • pre-reg interview at Barts

    Hi all,

    I have an interview for pre-reg at Barts and the London on Friday, I'm not going to ask what they'll ask as it's been covered here a million times, but I've been told there is a short written test as part of the interview. Does anyone have any experience of this? Just wondering whether it's likely to be calculations, clinical etc.

    Any help/advice specific to Barts would be much appreciated


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    Re: pre-reg interview at Barts

    Hi, just wanted to know how was your written test? was it OSCE like? i'm having my interview nx week (not barts). but some feedback will be great.


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      Re: pre-reg interview at Barts

      i was asked questions on the role of pharmacists, consultant pharmacists, ACTs etc a lot...also asked to screen a drug chart without using a BNF, and some questions on why I preferred hospital over community pharmacy.
      Then I had a short written test, some basic calculation questions and questions on indications, doses, contraindications etc of 5 basic drugs - aspirin and paracetamol were on there but I can't remeber the others. Hope that helps!