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    as the role of community p'cists is changing into a more clinicaly based role.
    how would you cope with all the new changes taking place?
    1- what do you think of the Mpharm course? it definitely need to be reformed to focus more on the new roles.
    2- what about pre-reg year? how can we make sure to deliver a clinically focused and competent p'cist when less than 30% of pharmacies provide 2 or more of the advanced services ( MURs, BP screening, cardiovascular assesments, chlamedia screening, INR monitering, vaccinations, EHC, smoking cessation...etc?
    3- how can we make sure to get trained for all these new services, at the moment i am not aware that training pre-reg students to deliver these new services is incorporated into the pre-reg training year!
    4- what do you think of splitting the Mpharm course during year 3 +4? maybe more mamnagment skills for community pharmacist would help! i even think a 6 month training in a community pharmacy would be much much better idea! Yes it works, we should be responsible to make a decision....... i have done IB and i decided which subjects to go for (i.e chosing chemisty + biology, NOT HISTORY and physics, as i wanted to be a pharmacist since i was 15 years old).

    from the PJ by Sarah Willis and karen hassell i quote the following:
    "The solution recommended by the White Paper is to modernise and reform pharmacy education and, in particular, to focus on developing new roles and places for training in the undergraduate curriculum that will allow for increased clinical content with the aim of “ensur[ing] that there is meaningful clinical context and experience throughout the undergraduate programme”.

    To maximise the impact of this clinical focus on students’ learning it is also proposed to integrate the degree course with the preregistration training year, with the intended result of producing graduates who can adapt to future service delivery demands, who are competent in identifying their learning/continuing professional development needs and who have the capacity to introduce new, innovative methods of practice. "

    as a final year pharmacy student, reforming the Mpharm course won't help, and i don't think there is enough time to reform the pre-reg year. what would you advice me to do to cope up with all the "new requirements" of getting a proper job once qualified?

    i only think of making sure to visit different branches that provides different types of services, as i would not find 1 pharmacy that provides all the new services.

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    Re: clinical training

    Ray, from what I have gathered the mpharm course is changed constantly at each uni every 2/3 years so maybe they could consider the clinical implications from this year onwards.

    You raise some interesting points, especially as community pharmacy hardly provide more than 1 additional service.

    My only hope and explanation to you is, what about if RS doesn't even kick in?
    3rd yr pharmacy student - bath