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  • Mature Student MPharm 2009

    Hi all,

    Due to long overdue career change I will be applying to study pharmacy next September following HEFCs and was just wondering if there is anything in particular that I should be reading / studying that will put me in good stead regarding the application process? Do they expect you to be particularly knowlegable regarding pharmacy prior to application?

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    Re: Mature Student MPharm 2009

    Hi GeordiePharm,

    I am a mature pharmacy student too... I really recommend (and its really sad), but get really familiar with the British National Formulary (BNF). Beg/ steal/ borrow one (they are costly to buy) - try your local hospital medicines information and explain your situation... they normally have a "just out of date one" which is perfect for a student. You can also get access to it online if you register... If I remember it just asks if you are a student.

    Really sad... I know... but the pharmacists bible!

    HTH. Caz