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    helllo everyone, i'm new to dis forum and interested in studying pharmacy in the UK. i'm actually a Canadian student and have admission at Bradford university five year pharmacy program. i'm told dat da five year program includes da pre-reg year so i don't have to worry about getting a placement. please i need ur feedback on Bradford the teaching quality and school reputation cuz i used to hold admission offers from London and nottingham which i declined. ur contributions will be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Bradford university

    well good luck young buck - but you'll still need to secure positions for your pre-reg sandwich placements so there will still be a bit of legwork involved with this. Your university will help you with this to an extent!

    Bradfords degree is fairly good - the unique sandwich programme is pretty useful to have as it allows you to use skills gained on placement back in your degree. If your aim at the end of the degree is to work in community then the class or quality of your degree is largely irrelevent - we all have to pass a registration exam after pre-reg. The degree class would help you in applying for a first position in hospital or industry, and obviously you need a 2:1 or higher to do a phd.

    And, just for information, try to spell things! 'dat and dis' could be seen as belittling yourself on these forums!
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