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  • About pharmacology...

    I haven't studied pharmacology yet at my college but sometimes while I'm doing some researches about diseases,I read about generic names of drugs treating these diseases and I try to undersand their mode of action and so on.
    Is it important to take them into consideration?I mean to memorize them by heart?Will I be supposed IF I worked in a reaserch department in the future to be memorizing them or understanding the matter is sufficient?
    I really find it pretty tough to memorize all these names..Sometimes I just mix them up..Is there any way to do this easier?
    Even if it's not important to use it now I may do so in the future.
    I'll appreciate also If anyone recommends me a good text book about pharmacology but simple please.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: About pharmacology...

    Presume you mean names of drugs. Often can tell what group in by names. ie ending in 'pril' means ace inhibitor 'epine' usually calcium channel blocker.
    It will all become clear in time.


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      Re: About pharmacology...

      Pharmacology is something that when you learn you pick up, its not particulary hard but there is alot to remember. However alot of drugs as the above poster mentions falls into groups which all have similar mode of actions such as the ACE inhibitors and these are often denoted in the name, but not always so do not take this to be a rule of thumb. A good basic pharmacology book is pharmacology by rang and dale, you should be able to pick it up from any waterstones or the like. It goes into enough detail for the major drug classes with some good background info on anatomy and pathology, also has some good diagrams. Its quite expensive but most people I know on my course has a copy of it at home.


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        Re: About pharmacology...

        Thanks for replying..I really appreciate it and I'll try to follow your tips.