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Pre-reg choices.

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  • Pre-reg choices.

    Im just about to go into my fourth year and in the middle of applying to pre-reg places. Im doing a placement with Boots and its very likely they are going to offer me a place, ive also got a place with a small chain in peacehaven, however I am still swaying on the side of hospital pharmacy. I just wondered where all the third and fourt years are going to go for their pre-reg?

    Another big decision I have to make is whether to go back home and live with my family and pay little rent allowing me to pay off debts and save, or stay in my uni town of Brighton or just go somewhere completly different. Im really tempted to stay in the south but i just dont think I can finanically say no to my family.

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    Re: Pre-reg choices.

    Hey mm45….

    I did a placement with Boots, in my 2nd and 3rd year. They offered me a pre-reg place away from home. I loved the placement, very organized and my tutor was great.
    I did have an option of choosing a different location, either by rejecting or accepting the current offer.

    I did get a few other community offers too, but since I had worked for Boots before and got their offer, I didn’t bother with the others.

    I got three hospital offers too – it was hospital I really wanted. I chose the hospital I worked in b4 and only one hour from home.

    I mean to say:

    1. Choose a good place for your pre-reg. The pre-reg is the most important year.
    2. Does your potential tutor seem nice? They r key to ur success….
    3. If you’ve worked there b4, gr8! You know the staff, the place etc
    4. Do they offer enough study time? This is important…
    5. Location might be important – but you could always go home on the weekend.

    I chose hospital in the end – I wanted variety and I knw the ppl really well!!
    Lazy Lady...


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      Re: Pre-reg choices.

      Hey mm45. I'm doing a 3rd year Boots placement at the moment too and if they offer me a place I'm 99% certain I'll accept as I'm really enjoying it this year. It will depend slightly on the location but fingers crossed I will be placed within my first choice area.

      I know quite a few people holding out for a hospital pre-reg though and if it's where your heart lies then you should really go for it. As far as I'm aware you can put one offer on hold until you find out the outcome of any other applications. Personally I didn't really enjoy my hospital experience so community is the way forward for me.

      I can totally understand what you mean about whether to go back home or not. Financially it would be such a weight off my shoulders if I were to go home but my hometown is not where I want to be and I wouldn't be happy there so I've opted not to. I may regret it in the future though!

      Just out of interest have you been told when you will hear back from Boots about an offer?