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  • 3r year experience

    hey i wanted to be ahead of the game in sept for applications etc for 3rd year, i know that i will be applying to the standard lylods, boots, tesco, coop, any toher ideas that you guys applied to in your third year?
    as i have been told that third year exp is really the door to a pre reg place,
    i have a place at boots for this summer, will that help me get a place for 3rd yr?

    thank you very much for your help, im very confused with the whole process so any info would be appreciated

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    Re: 3r year experience

    Hi Star,

    I take it from your post that you are currently a 2nd year? I'm also a 2nd year (LJMU). I'm not sure which Uni you are at but I know at JMU you need to have a mandatory 1 week in each sector of Pharmacy by the beginning of 4th year (i.e. by the end of 3rd year summer) to gain credit in the Masters Pharmacy Practice Module. I would anticipate that similar requirements are in place elsewhere.

    The key thing is - and I'm sure many of the guys on this forum will agree - you need a range of varied experience. I suppose it depends on which sector you wish to practice in - if you want to go into hospital apply really early because places are very competitive. I managed to get a hospital place this year - I didn't get a community pharmacy placement but I've been working in that sector for 18months. I've also got contacts at the local DTS to arrange a visit, and am planning more experience in independants linked to GPs surgeries hopefully this summer or Christmas break.

    Other than the ones you've listed: Rowlands, Morrisons, Superdrug (just Prereg as far as I am aware) and many more! Also, I've mentioned this before - if you can get there, go to the Student Day at BPC to meet many contacts and use the www.

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      Re: 3r year experience

      hey yes im a second yr student
      thanks for u email im at nottingham, and we also have to carry out work experience in every sector, we have done most of them now just industry which im not sure what we are doing for. sorry what is BPC im confused!
      with regards to your hospital placement how did you go about apllyin for that, is there a website which you use to apply ?
      thank you very much!


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        Re: 3rd year experience


        There is no easy way to get work experience! There are no websites that I know of that will provide you with a list of things to apply for. As a second year, I'm sure that you will have had plenty of contact with lecturers and reps from the companies - contact them. Go and see the careers people at Uni.

        As for hospital placements, I emailed about 20 chief pharmacists with my CV and got a job near me for 4 weeks (paid). You just have to be persistent and get involved!!!

        BPC is the British Pharmaceutical Conference: British Pharmaceutical Conference

        Oh, and read the PJ, any student worth their salt needs to be on top of current issues.

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          Re: 3r year experience

          Thanks very much for the help!