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Pre-Reg trainee Pharmacy Technician

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  • Pre-Reg trainee Pharmacy Technician

    So, first post here... howdy *waves*

    Went to see me local pharmacist today and she reccomended I direct my questions here, and so I shall.

    On Thursday ( 08/04/08 ) I have my intervew to hopefully become a Pre-registration Trainee Pharmacy Technician. Now, I have no previous knowledge of the industry, and since Im only 17, limited knowledge of interview techniques.

    I was wondering if people could tell me:

    a) what sort of things they COULD ask me at the interview
    b) what sort of things I should be telling them
    c) what this job is like on a day-to-day basis
    d) what the future could hold for me if I get this job.


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    Re: Pre-Reg trainee Pharmacy Technician

    Sorry - this reply might be a bit late for you!

    Interview questions:

    Why do you want to do to work as a pharmacy tech?
    What do you know about pharmacy - don't be afraid to say you knwo very little. If I was interviewing I would appreciate the honesty/candor

    Day-to-day basis, I don't have hospital background (assuming from title it is hospital based) but assume it still involves dispensing both within the hospital dispensary and possibly (once more qualified) going out to wards etc

    Future options:
    ACT (accuracy checking technician) role
    Some hospital technicians run warfarin clinics etc at local GP practices
    Do an Access course and go to uni to do a pharmacy or other science degree

    Check out the white paper - links on other posts on here to it, it's full of ideas that enterprising pharmacists and technicians have done.

    Hope this is some help!