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    Hello everyone.

    I am Reading University and am struggling to understand the theory and to be honest the relevance of a module we have to do called Unit Operations. This module includes topics such as Crystallisation processing, filtration, drying and sterilisation from a food processing point of view.

    Can I ask students, possibly in higher years from other schools of Pharmacy what their thoughts are on this module. Do other school of Pharmacies have similar modules, and can they recomend any good revision websites or books that are useful to pharmacy students.

    Many thanks
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    Re: Unit Operations

    Crystallisation-- do a google on sugar refining.

    Fogotten an excellent general engineering text book we used when I did Pharm engineering (was over 50 years ago). You should be familiar with Bernouli, prandtl, and stanton theories. Drying is a fascinating topic and you should research vacuum, freeze and spray drying. Vacuum drying used to make Horlicks, coffee is spray dried for cheap brands and freeze dried for expensive version. freeze drying originally developed for penicillin production.

    We used to dry chlorophyll on a roller dryer.

    Search Amazon for a suitable book, then buy second hand from ebay.