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Questions about pre-registration year.

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  • Questions about pre-registration year.

    Hi all,

    I am currently a first-year Pharmacy student so I do have a few years until I am on my pre-registration year but I already have a few questions about it that I can’t find an answer to or I’ve been given different answers for. I’m hoping someone on here can answer them for me, thank you in advance for taking the time to read this!

    I live in Scotland but I have always wanted to live in London (not central, probably around Richmond), am I able to do my pre-reg year there or do I need to do it in Scotland?

    Is there a limit on how many places you can apply to for your pre-reg year? I’ve been told 5 and I have also been told there is no limit.

    Are you likely to be kept on at the place you did your pre-reg year or at least, find a job quickly? I was planning on buying an apartment in West London (if I get my pre-reg year there) but if there’s a chance I won’t get a job near/in the place I do my pre-reg, I will rent in case I need to move.

    Thank you!

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    My understanding is that there is a limit on the number of places you can apply to through the Oriel system. Most NHS trusts and quite a few community pharmacies recruit their pre-regs through this service. You can however apply to the max number through Oriel and then apply to as many other pharmacies as you like outside this service.

    There's usually a few adverts on Chemist and Druggist and other platforms so you'll usually find something. I would just be careful as the quality of training can vary wildly. If you're going to apply to an independent at the very least you should confirm that they will register you with a course through Numark or a comparable alternative.

    There shouldn't be any issue applying for a placement in England coming from a Scottish pharmacy school as it's all under the GPhC. You may find that there are some differences in claiming prescriptions and available services. In all honesty if your intention is community pharmacy I'd suggest staying in Scotland. Service development, collaboration and funding are far more progressive.
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      Always puzzled me at uni that the girls tended to come from faraway. Getting away from home must seem exciting, but have you seen the rents in London. might get a room perhaps but a flat likely to cost far more than your prereg salary.
      However, good luck and I am sure your parents will give you lots of advice and cautions.


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        Good post - nice to see someone thinking ahead.

        The commute and prices in London will wear you down gradually.
        Do some research about the differences between the NHS in Scotland, Wales and England.
        You will find that they are order I've written them is progressive to least progressive.
        As for registration - it is UK valid at the moment with the GPhC.

        You didn't mention your planned direction - Community or Hospital Practice?

        Basically do your research!

        Talk to some of the alumni about their pre-reg experiences and use that to plan yours.

        Your local area to home might not be too bad - if there is an opportunity.
        Just for a year and you can save your money better for that trip of a lifetime.
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