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Tips for mom to start OSPAP IN 2019

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  • Tips for mom to start OSPAP IN 2019

    Hello everybody,

    I am aiming to start my OSPAP in September 2019 when my son will be 2 years old. I will most likely be joining Aston University as that is the nearest to Cardiff - where I reside with my husband who unfortunately cannot move with me due to his job commitments. This would mean I have to parent my lil one singlehandedly while studying the OSPAP which I see is a full time intensive course. Its difficult but not impossible.

    I want to be best prepared before it starts as I would have a 2 year old to manage at the same time. I would sincerely appreciate any advise/tips on helping me get all set for the course. How the OSPAP schedule is like at Aston University, what books I might need during the course etc? Also, is Aston University my best choice or other options are better given my circumstances having to also consider my son's day care(added expense). Any help would mean a lot to me.

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