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    I'm a first year pharmacy student in London. Left this a bit late now, but i've tried a while ago applying for boots, lloyds, tesco, superdrug and some local independent pharmacies. All have been rejected and I was wondering if not getting a summer placement in the first year will hinder me trying to get placements in the following years, as i'm aware there is a lot more competition now?

    Also I was looking at getting some charity work this summer, but all I could find was working in charity administration offices, I was looking for something a bit more hands on. Any advice?

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    Re: Summer placements

    Hi im in a similar situation but im a second year in Bristol. I did a summer placement last year for Boots but due to a problem with my application I didnt get in this year. However lots of my friends who didnt do placements last year were accepted on this year. Its only your first year so dont worry about not getting any experience in a pharmacy, employers know that it can be difficult to get experience if you are unqualified. However saying that it is definetly a big plus to get some experience before your pre-reg to put on CVs, and it also helps alot with learning uni work. Actually putting what you learn at uni into practice helps alot. If you really wana do some work this summer in a pharmacy it maybe worth phoning up or droping by and asking about any vacancies. But really I wouldnt worry if you cant, just enjoy your summer.