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opportunities for overseas pharmacists in the UK?

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  • opportunities for overseas pharmacists in the UK?


    I am a Zimbabwean pharmacist who has come to live with family in the UK, I would like to register as a pharmacist here but I really cannot afford the process at the moment.

    I thought that I could work here as a pharmacy technician until 2009 and raise the money to register however I have been here three months and I haven't found anything and the agents I am registered with keep on saying they are still looking but there are no vacancies for anyone without UK experiance.

    To make matters worse every job i've seen on NHS's job site requires UK registration as a pharmacy technician. One hospital I called told me that it is because registration will be compulsory next there something I don't know?

    Does anybody have any ideas, any advice or simular experiance?
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    I know of a Zimbabwean pharmacist recruited by Lloyds - so it might be worthwhile contacting them to see what they can offer - as a job prior to (and after) registration.



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      I know a few people from different parts of Africa and they are qualified here. Why don't you try writing to all the big chains and see what they have to say?
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