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Experience For a 1st Year Undergraduate

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  • Experience For a 1st Year Undergraduate

    Hey all

    I was wondering if any pharmacists would be able to advise on summer placements/ work experience for a 1st year undergraduate of MPHARM.

    I already have about 4 years of community pharmacy experience before i came to University. I now really want to gain as much experience (if any) of hospital or possibily even indsustry.

    I am aware that these places are notoriously hard to get experience in but i already have community and fancy trying somthing new. I also know that 1st years will not be treated as professionals and would not be given large responsibility.

    I would just be very appriciative of anyone who could advise me to help gain some kind of experience as i am a really passionate pharmacy student but lack the knowledge of these two areas.

    If anyone could private message me or post in this thread i would be very grateful. Thank You
    Pharmacy Student - therfore always busy!

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    Hospital Experience

    Managed to get a summer vacation job in hospital between second and final year (3 year course + 1 year in those days).

    It really helped with 3rd year dispensing practicals, as got to work in a clean room, use autoclaves and do small scale manufacturing.

    Approach used at the time is to get dressed up, go along to the pharmacy and ask to speak to one of the pharmacists. Ask them for the name of the principal (if that's still the grade?), and add that to the letter and CV that you will hand in asking for it to be passed on to that person. On your letter mention that if there are no posts could you visit the pharmacy at some point over the summer as you are very interested in the hospital service.
    Also ask if they have any spare Hospital Pharmacy Journals that you could have.
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      Yeah, the approach I used 2-4 years ago is basically the same. Except without the visiting. can be used for contact details of a lot of hospitals (usually of the pre-reg pharmacy tutor, but that's still useful). They sometimes advertise summer vacation jobs on there. Also will give Chief Pharmacist name for some hospitals.

      Just send off a well worded cover letter and CV. Act keen. If can't get anything paid go along for a couple of weeks unpaid (will help your case next year).


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        I really want to get into hospital pharmacy and get some experience. Its not that im bored with community its really the lack of any hostpital experience that is driving me.

        Thanx for all your suggestions/advice

        Can you tell me how valuble your experience was, eg did it put u off/ make u do that in the future?

        What would you say would be the main differences?

        Pharmacy Student - therfore always busy!


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          Originally posted by The Drug Man
          Can you tell me how valuble your experience was, eg did it put u off/ make u do that in the future?
          Oh don't get me started.....

          Seriously, just experience as many areas as you can do you can make an informed decision on your future career choices.