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Cbd oil just a fad ?

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  • Cbd oil just a fad ?

    What is the consensus among pharmacists about all the hype about Cbd oil ? (Particularly for helping anxiety)

    It seems to have encouraging evidence of effectiveness for anxiety although it is in its infancy.

    I take lamotrigine and vortioxetine so do you think it will have drug interactions ?

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    You need to look at the link between diet and mood with regards to gut flora! I have seen significant changes in people who adopt the microbiome diet. There is a poster pharmacist on here who mentioned this diet a while ago then I googled and discovered a wealth of supporting evidence. Your mood starts in your gut!


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      "Mens sana corpore sana"


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        Not a pharmacist, I would be interested too, but you can find some academic articles quite easily, some relatively old about 5 years old and some very recent.

        There is the potential for some non-trivial interaction between the vortioxetine and the CBD as I think if you look in recent years it has been demonstrated that there's something going on with CBD oil and the 5-HT1A receptors.

        However there is the fabled CBR1 receptor and a whole load of others like D4, eCBs, adenosine, a few others that might even include GABA and I don't think it's understood what the heck's going on yet.

        It is becoming more common to meet people with anxiety taking it.


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          I'm just not convinced by the pharmacological evidence that cannabidiol is active enough in its own right to have any significant anxiolytic effect. I would bet money that most people would find anticonvulsants to have a greater anxiolytic effect than CBD oil.

          Speaking of anticonvulsants has your doctor discussed pregabalin with you?