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Returning medication.

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  • Returning medication.

    If I return unwanted medication to my chemist , will I get a confirmation receipt of what I returned? Basically I got prescription today in which I already only took one tablet but I have decided I wish I had the other medication he had offered me having looked the drugs up. I’m sure confirmation of me not pocessing the first prescription is important for the gp to do a different prescription. I know Ive wasted some meds’ but don’t do that regular. Hope that makes sense !

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    I’d say no basically. They will have been thrown into the bin (uncounted) before your feet left the shop. There’s no recording of medication returned as it’s all waste unless it’s CD’s which have to be counted and disposed of properly. Why didn’t you give them a chance to work before wasting them?
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      No they won't give you a receipt. Just explain the situation to the GP and I'm sure they won't have any problems issuing a prescription for the new medication.

      Although, if you pay for your medication you will have to pay another charge.


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        No you won't.....and actually the first prescription HAS been processed. The fact that you are choosing not to take them is irrelevant to the pharmacist....and all the GP needs to know is that you want to try the other medication. However I do feel giving up on a medicine after only 1 day is not that sensible. I would actually talk to your pharmacist and get their advice about whether it will be OK for you to just not take the rest of the medication, or whether you would do better to take what you have.


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          I regret I disagree. If a script has been processed, then the chemist will have to give the charge to the govnmt and a new script will have to be charged. I have had people returning meds and wanting "their" money back. It is a tax and any refunds have to be claimed by the pt. Believe there is a form somewhere.


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            You could ask them for a stamped note stating you returned them. Nursing homes want stamped notes or their returns book signed when returning meds. I agree two charges should be paid.