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where to apply for prereg?

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  • where to apply for prereg?

    hi, im one of the many people that are sorting out prereg applications and interviews right now, ive done all the usual applications such as tesco lloyds superdrug and have been largely unsuccessful in securing a position so far, i was wondering if anyone knew any independants that provide good prereg training and are relatively close to pinner/northwest london?

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    Re: where to apply for prereg?

    Hey Shivpopat

    Please do look at the posts in the ‘student section’. You will find lots of useful advice there, as many other students have asked this question before.

    Did you get any feedback from the interviewers? Is it only community you’re after?

    Try using the RPSGB website to find your local pharmacies offering pre-reg training and look at the PJonline for pre-reg vacancies.

    Something will come up.

    All the best
    Lazy Lady...


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      Re: where to apply for prereg?

      so far ive had rejections from lloyds and a small independant chain, both of which ive askd for feedback but they havent responded
      ive had a superdrug interview which i havent had a reply from yet
      and i have done the hospital applications as well
      im just thinking of applying to lots of independants at the mo because i dont seem to be very good at doing interviews

      i have been checking on the rpsgb website which shows where they do training but i wanted to know if there are any independants providing high standard training
      i have no idea how to look for prereg ads on the pjonline site
      thanks for the reply


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        Re: where to apply for prereg?

        Sign up. Fill out the online CV and then search for independent pharmacies in your area. You can apply for hospital placements as well. The service for appling for the community pharmacy placements is by the NPA so it is reputable.
        I hope this helps. Good luck!
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          Re: where to apply for prereg?

          cheerz manu ive just done some applications from pharmalife, hopefully i start getting some replies soon