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Graduate in Physiology considering MPharm, please help

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  • Graduate in Physiology considering MPharm, please help

    Hello everyone,

    A bit about myself. I'm 25 years old and graduated from a good London University with a 2:1 in Anatomy in 2006.

    I also used to be a medic, studied that for 4 years, but failed my end of year exams twice hence had to leave the course. Something that I probably shouldn't declare.

    In terms of drugs and patient contact, I have an abundance from 2 years of clinical medical training and working in the health sector now as OT assistant.

    My career is going nowhere particulary in terms of progression and financially.

    I feel my understanding of pharmacology from medicine is exceptional, and i find it fascinating. Thus I'm looking into Pharmacy based on interest on drug therapeutics and financial incentive.

    Any advice on applying ?
    Is it to late at the age of 25 ?
    Were there lots of graduate student when you guys studied at school of pharmacy?
    Is it really competetive to get into pharmacy, particularly School of Pharmacy and Kings ?
    I don't really want to declare I failed medicine? Is that a good idea or should i state it and say what i learned from it?
    Is it a good profession to enter at the moment?

    I have loads of questions for pharmacists as i want to get into the profession, but i need to find out about it in good depth.

    Sorry about the number of questions?
    Answer what you can

    email: [email protected]

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    Re: Graduate in Physiology considering MPharm, please help

    short and sweet answer, money is good, well atleast better than anything you'll get with your current degree (no offence),

    yes there were alot of graduates, especially students from life sciences degrees, also a few mature students qualifying under the 21+ category (i.e. needing no formal qualifications).

    Also failure in medicine, especially in fourth year is not something you need to hide in this case, because by that time you have learnt quite a bit, i'm not condoning lying but maybe you can put your failure down to external factors,

    SoP and king's is competitive so im not sure you'd get in there, but unis like brigton and southampton should be no probs,
    We are the music makers, We are the dreamers of dreams and God damn we are that good