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Should I study pharmacy?

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  • Should I study pharmacy?

    Six months ago I was totally sure that this is the right profession for me.Until I read some things writen by pharmacists,themselves-that it is a boring job,that you can be attacked, that the pay is too low for what you are doing,cos comming to think to it it is a responsible job,isn't it? If there is anyone who thinks things are different not alike my point of view I wpould be happy to hear from you.
    If I am not going to study pharmacy then what ? I am in such a trouble please help !

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    Re: Should I study pharmacy?

    I've been in the job for 15 years and I'm not bored of it. Yes, I've been attacked, but more often as a "civilian" than during my working hours...
    As for the pay being too low: How much is "good enough"?is it £40k, or £60k, or £120k, or £460k? It's completely arbitrary. There are jobs out there that I wouldn't do even for ten times what I earn as a Phcist, like manning the Customer Complaints desk for Easyjet at Luton Airport, for instance...
    Just think, if your opinion on Phrmacy has changed so much over the past 6 months, just imagine how much it could change over the 5 years it'll take you to become a Phcist!
    Don't forget that people generally only post on here when they want to let off steam, so it hardly paints a true picture of the overall Morale of the Profession...
    Whether it's the right choice of career for you will only become apparent once you start working as a Pharmacist, I'm afraid...
    For what it's worth: if I was 18 again and had to choose a career path all over again, knowing what I know now, I'd still go for Pharmacy, and Vet. medicine as a close 2nd...
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