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13 week review Trauma

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  • 13 week review Trauma

    What is a pre-student expected to know at this stage?
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    Re: 13 week review Trauma

    Originally posted by parent of pre-reg student View Post
    What is a pre-student expected to know at this stage? Please prepare me now for the crush of my daughter's distress next week as she's likely to be ripped apart over her lack of knowledge!
    No idea

    is it really possible that a practitioner with over 15 years experience expects a 22 yr old to know what they know?
    Personally I'd expect someone recently out of college to know an awful lot more than me about lots of clinical stuff - but would similarly expect them to be unsure about how and when to apply that knowledge.

    The horror! The horror! Does this job have any redeeming features?
    It's a great hobby.

    Her tutor expects her to work every night and weekend - does one have to be this zealous, or can the job be managed within the realms of normality?
    Depends entirely on where she's working.

    I could be wrong, but Pharmacy is way more bonkers than teaching!
    You are a teacher your daughters tutor isn't - 15 years experience - so with a lot of luck your daughter might be his 10th pupil.

    The forum has got to be the avant garde face of a Stalinist regime! I salute you!
    Pharmacy is still going through the changes that teaching went through. More targets and more discipline about how things are to be done.