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Morphine - is it addictive ?

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  • Morphine - is it addictive ?

    Dear Forum

    I have just had a back operation and I am in lot of pain. I have been perscribed Sevredol 10mg but I'm concerned that this is Morphine. Will I become addicted? It's the only thing that relieves my pain but I wondered if there are any other painkillers as strong that would help me, that aren't Morphine based?


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    You must have a lot of pain if your Dr has prescribed morphine. This drug is usualy addictive only to people who abuse it. If you are taking it for pain, then don't worry. Any other pain killers that could help are anti-inflammatories, but they are often too harsh on the stomach. If it's working stick with the morphine, and when the pain starts to go you could try changing to something like codeine, and gradually reduce the dose until hopefully you don't need it any more.

    Good Luck


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      Hi Jayne,
      I too had back problems and surgery a few years ago now but fortunatley, apart from the post op pain control,never required morphine.

      In the past, doctors were reluctant to prescribe morphine as it was viewed as highly addictive. However more recent thinking from what I've read on the matter, is that addiction to opiates only occurs to people who are not in physical pain.

      If you are still suffering physical pain then I agree with apothecary's advice which was to continue with the morphine until you feel the pain has eased off and then drop down to a milder painkiller such as codeine and then stop altogether once the pain has stopped.

      Also it may worth noting that (from my experience, as a pharmacist in hospitals on care of the elderly wards/palliative care) a lot of doctors believe that if they give someone enough morphine it will control any type of pain.

      This is often not the case, as morphine eases soft tissue pain but if you are suffering nerve pain (a stabbing pain like sciatica) or a bone pain (a dull ache in the bones) then people often respond better to other types of pain relief, such as, for example, amitriptyline or gabapentin for nerve pain and anti-inflammatories for bone pain.

      Its also worth noting that taking paracetamol regular often helps a lot of people.

      hope this helps

      mister pharmacist