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  • Trazodone and Accord generic

    Can you confirm that trazodone is now available in 50mg and 100mg strength tablets as a generic by accord ? These strengths are listed on the BNF. Are these currently in good supply ? And have they brought out the tablet form to meet a certain demand ?

    The lowest tablet form has always been 150mg and I only tolerate taking a low dose ( the lowest dose has been 50mg capsule form). So I break the tablet down in to very small pieces inconsistently! Therefore a 50mg tablet could be halved easier and would make my life a lot easier. I saw this on the bnf drug list for trazodone.

    If available how would I need to request the tablet form ? Would my GP have to write the specific generic accord and also write supply as 50mg tablet form as opposed to 50mg capsule form on the prescription ? Sometimes I get different generics on repeat prescriptions and it does pose different challenges of breaking the tablets down but they do help. I suppose they buy in the cheapest at the time.

    thanks for reading.

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    I spoke to one pharmacy and they said it is now showing as 50mg tablet form and it was on her ordering options for trazodone accord but at the bottom so it must be new. But she wasn’t sure what would happen if she tried to order a lower amount as the pack size says 84. My gp would probably only request 14 tablets to split in half. The information does say they can be split into equal parts as they are uncoated. So not sure what to to do ? Maybe get gp to request them and see if pharmacy can get them ?


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      I checked with our wholesalers and the only tablets they have are 150mg don't think they are in circulation yet.


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        Thanks for checking. I’ve just looked at the patient information guide for the 50mg tablets and it’s interesting that it now lists most of the side effects under the very common, common categories etc . The leaflet I normally get just lists them all as frequency unknown. Although I haven’t read the side effects as I will be thinking I’m getting them next !